Saturday 1 April 2017


Written by Michelle Morgan

Flying through Clouds is my new historical novel for young adults, and it’s hot off the press. Writing Flying through Clouds has been a labour of love - it took me almost four years to write and whip into shape, with the help of some talented editors along the way.  I chose to self-publish this time, and I haven’t regretted it. Getting a novel to publication is only the first part of the difficult road to publication. Marketing and publicity are critical if potential readers are going to find out about your book. I’d like to share some of my key strategies with you.

5 Marketing Strategies for Self-Publishing Authors:

1.    Create a Media Release (also known as an AIS or Advance Information Sheet) and email it to selected bookshops and suppliers, media contacts and bloggers.
2.    After your manuscript has been copy-edited, arrange for 50+ copies of your book (uncorrected proof copies) to be printed, then send to interested bookshops and suppliers, media contacts, reviewers bloggers and a few authors. Seek quotes for inclusion on the cover and/or inside the book.
3.    Organise a book launch and then a book tour of selected libraries and bookshops, giving talks in places which have some relevance to your book. Promote through social media.
4.    Develop publicity materials such as posters and bookmarks and get them professionally printed.
5.    Arrange a blog tour and promote through social media.

For any marketing campaign to be successful, you need to have a well-written and intriguing book, and a great cover. Professional editors and cover / layout artists are a must if you want to produce a quality book.

I hope you enjoy Flying through Clouds!

PUBLISHED: 2 April 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9953865-0-1
AGES: 12+
RRP: $18.99 Pbk

Flying through Clouds is available from bookshops, educational and library suppliers, and can be ordered on Michelle’s website.

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Wednesday 1 February 2017

Today's interview is with Australian author/illustrator Alison Reynolds who has been publishing since 2003 with Five Mile Press. She talks here about her latest two children's books.                                                                            

These are the latest two picture books in the Pickle and Bree’s Guide to Good Deeds series aimed at children 4- 8. They explore social etiquette and positive behaviour in a light, humorous way. The Playground Meanies is about bullying and The Big Snow Adventure tackles respecting rules.

Each book features a Handy Guide to Good Deeds on the last page, which can be used as a discussion point for adults and children.

What is the book’s history to publication?  The Five Mile Press commissioned these books as part of an ongoing series. The editor approved my initial concepts after a bit of toing and froing.
Why did you choose Five Mile Press as your publisher?                                             I’ve worked with The Five Mile Press for many years and value highly my relationship with them. They’ve offered me many wonderful opportunities to write many different style books. They’re perfect match for somebody like me who enjoys a challenge.

How long did it take from submission of your manuscript to receipt of advance copies? The whole process from initial concept to being edited took about five months.

Which editor did you work with? Was there a lot of work that needed to be done to your manuscript? How was the editing experience for you?                                            I worked with the super talented Melissa Keil at The Five Mile Press. She manages to point out where the text can be improved with tact and perspicacity. There was not as much work needed as for the first two books, because I know the characters now. With Melissa, I feel we’re working together to make the books the best books they can be.

Who is the book’s illustrator? Why do you like her work?                                          Mikki Butterley is a brilliant illustrator who lives in the north of England. She comes from a background of creating cards, and her attention to detail is extraordinary. I adore her work for the sense of fun she captures. Whatever wild wacky idea I come up with in the text, Mikki seems to be able to match it up with a gorgeous illustration. I also love her colour palette.

Anything else you’d like to say about your publisher?                                                      I would recommend The Five Mile Press to illustrators and other authors. They produce a range of different fabulous products, which makes it an exciting company to work with.

Have you written other books for children?                                                                  I’ve had over 70 books published, including board books, picture books, chapter books, choose-your-own-adventure style books and even a non-fiction adult book.  I work for different publishers, which helps me maintain a flow of work.

Do you belong to a writing group?                                                                                    I’ve belonged to a few writing groups in the past. One group has transformed into a lunching group of close friends as I’m the only one who still writes on a full-time basis. I firmly believe writing groups can be excellent especially when you’re starting out, but you need to be in one that suits you. If you find you’re in a toxic writing group that makes you feel bad, belittled and if you’re the one who is doing all the work, run. I’m lucky enough to be working with editors who give me thoughtful, excellent feedback, so I’m not in a writing group at the moment.

I had a few outstanding writing tutors/mentors when I studied, for example Janey Runci, Sari Smith, Rachel Flynn and Marg McKenzie. 

What are you now working on? 
I have an idea that I’m playing with for a series for 6- 8 year olds. I’m not at the stage of sending it out to publishers yet, but hope to be there soon. I’ve had a variety of books published, including picture books, board books, chapter books, middle grade books and even an adult non-fiction book.

Anything else you’d like to add?                                                                                      To aspiring writers out there: never give up; never give up; never give up.

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