Monday 10 February 2014


This blog has always been for children’s writers, especially those who work in isolation and appreciate sound advice from someone (me) who has been publishing books for young readers for over 30 years, and who makes a living from writing.

So far I have posted 65 blog entries. Some of them have been author blog tours but more often than not they focus on the craft of writing. Of how to improve your writing, of how to make an income from writing – the sort of information I wish I’d had when I first started authoring.

So far I’ve had fewer than 10,000 hits on my blog. When a friend told me the other day that she gets 4,000 hits a week (for a site dedicated to children’s writing), I felt very discouraged.

I’ve been asking myself since if keeping a blog going is worth the time and effort I put into it. Perhaps my time would be better served writing articles about writing and editing and publishing and submitting them to magazines for payment...

So, depending on the feedback to this entry, I will – or will not – continue writing my blog.

Make a comment, if you care. If you don’t, I don’t.

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