Monday 26 May 2014

Knowing Joey Field

Knowing Joey Field by Pauline Luke (Brolga Publishing, April 2014)

Moving is never easy, and Matt and Stephie soon learn that life in Moody Bay is something else again.   Matt is befriended by outsider Joey Field, who is believed to have “the gift” of seeing things, and Stephie’s new best friend is the sister of the school bully.

Is there any truth in the tales of sunken treasure? And who is behind the spate of increasingly violent robberies and break-ins?

Told by both Matt and Stephie, Knowing Joey Field is a story of mystery and intrigue, of friendship and acceptance that is sure to appeal to the older reader.

Knowing Joey Field is distributed through Pan MacMillan and available in books stores or mail-order through Pan Macmillan site. (RRP $16.99)

Why I wrote Knowing Joey Field

When writing for  adolescents, or “the older reader”,  you have the opportunity to  raise  important issues for  young people to  think   about at a time when they are beginning to develop their own ideas and attitudes.   The challenge is to present different viewpoints not in a didactic manner but through a  read they will enjoy.   In Knowing Joey Field  the main  issues are accepting  the difference of others, bullying and  employing  our  intellect, intuition and  skills of  observation to the world around us.  

By  using alternate narrators,  brother and sister Matt and Stephie,  not only do I hope to appeal to both the male and female reader, but present a wider range of issues within the story. 

Importantly, at the end of the book  there  is a list of  organisations  where young people who may be  the victim of  bullying or facing other problems  can turn to for help.

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