Thursday 23 August 2018

How to Promote Your Book

There are numerous ways in which you can help to promote your book even if you are not happy or able to take part in events such as launches or public speaking.

Here are some examples
·       Promote the fact that your book will be published by (name of your publisher) on FACEBOOK groups such as Australian Picture book authors and illustrators, The Children’s Book Council of Australia, CBCA Victorian branch, Children’s Book Writers and illustrators, Writing for Children & YA, Just Write for Kids, Children’s Books, The Looking Glass magazine, Publishing Talk, CBCA (NSW) Newcastle Branch, The School Librarians Workshop, CBCA (NSW) Sydney South West branch, Children’s Writers and Illustrators’ market, Aussie Kidlit, Writers and Illustrators – your own Facebook page, Buzz Words page, and any other facebook pages which feature children’s books or authors.

Write an article:
* For Buzz Words for The Inside Scoop. This is an excellent way of promoting your book and of helping Buzz Words readers learn how a book is accepted for publication. In 250 words or less tell how your book got published. Was the publisher who accepted your manuscript the first one you submitted to? How long did you have to wait in the slush pile to get a response? Or did it go to the publisher by some other means? Was your manuscript represented by an agent? Was it your first book? (That's what most readers want to know about). How is the book selling? Have you gone on to have other books published?
(Note: This article can be adapted to suit other publications such as Writers’ Centre      newsletters)
·       Organise a blog tour (Ask me for a list of links, and when you’ve seen it, see if you can find others prepared to blog)
·       Use Twitter to tell about your book
·       Book Reviews: Make a list of publications, people and/or organisations which you think would review your book (include contact addresses). Note that before you do this, ask me for my list. It’s extensive, but you might have contacts I don’t have
·       Create an AIS for your book (I’ll send you an Advanced Information Sheet) to show you what is required
·       Write author blurbs (50 words, 150 words, 200 words)
·       Write a book blurb (25 to 50 words, 50 to 100 words, 100+ words)

 Dianne Bates
Di is the founder/compiler of Buzz Words magazine and website which is Australia's premier online magazine for those in the children's book industry. For a free issue to check it out, go to the website.