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The Princess and The Pirate – Book one of The Knights of Katesch
Published by Morris Publishing Australia
Available from your local bookstore
Signed copy available from the MPA website
Royce Bond’s new sci fi/fantasy novel The Princess and the Pirate is a swashbuckling adventure of a Pirate, a Princess and their followers as they fight to save the universe from evil forces. It is the first book in a series called The Knights of Katesch. 
Synopsis: These are the chronicles of the Knights of Katesch, who for time out of memory have fought the wizard Maligor, across all the dimensions of the known universe.
After the death of her mother Hibana, one of the famed Knights of Katesch, at the hands of a Kladath assassin, Princess Hepzebah faces the fight of her life. As the new queen, she has inherited her mother's powers. The space pirate Captain Sergio runs the blockade to bring an unearthly army to fight the last battle against Maligor's hordes. He has plans for this young queen, but his plans are hijacked and they are thrust into an inter-dimensional battle for the future of the known universe.
Author Interview:
About your novel:
Q.  Have you had worked previously published?
Yes, I have had 3 children’s science books, and 8 teacher reference books published, as well as dozens of magazine and newspaper articles.
Q. Have you won any awards?
I was the first Queenslander and the first teacher from the bush to win the National B.H.P./C.S.I.R.O. Science Teacher’s Award.
Q. Describe your book The Princess and the Pirate in five words or less.
a) exciting
b) action packed
c) fantasy
d) fiction

Q.  How did the ideas for your book come to you?
I tend to day dream a lot. I also watch a lot of sci-fi television and movies. I am a medieval re-enactor and I love “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Lord of the Ring.”
I have built a small medieval room under my house where I write. So when you put all of this together ideas just flow.
Q. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
When evil seems to be winning there is always hope. Eventually it will be defeated, but often not in the way that most people think.
Q.. Why did you choose to write in this genre?
I have always been fascinated with make-believe, so this easily led me into fantasy writing. From the ages of 7 to 21 years, I worked on market gardens. This work doesn’t require much brain power, so I would spend whole days daydreaming. Then when I had time off, I continued with this habit.
My parents were movie buffs. They didn’t own a television when I was young, but we went to the drive-in movies almost every Saturday night as a family. So my youth was a mixture of day dreaming, make believe and movies.
I became addicted in my late teens to science fiction, especially stories that combined with fantasy. So with this background, fantasy/sci fi is the only genre I could really write in, as almost my whole life has been immersed in it.

Q. Does the life of your main character parallel with yours in any way?
In many ways, he is. Sergio is a character that most people don’t understand, and I seem to be the same. He is extremely loyal and willing to sacrifice himself for a higher cause.
He fell in love with Hepzebah the moment he saw her. I fell in love with my wife within about a minute of seeing her in a youth group. Ten days later, I wrote a poem proposing to her. I gave it to her a week or so after that. We have now been married for 33 years.
Sergio is a swordsman and he throws axes. I do the same. He also likes adventures and often gets into dangerous situations. When I was young I used to canoe down rapids, and my most memorable time was when a few friends and I attempted rapids in the middle of a cyclone.
Q. Did you have the manuscript professionally edited before it went to the publisher?
I am a part of a fantastic writing group. We come together once a week and read our latest chapters to one another. Each person in the group then makes editorial comments about that chapter. So I have had each chapter of my books edited by at least 7 other highly skilled writers.
Thanks for asking me to visit. I hope I can inspire others to pursue their dream of becoming an author.
Best wishes, Royce.
he Princess and the Pirate is available from your local bookstore.
Signed copies are available from the MPA website.
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'Comment on this post and go in the draw for a free signed copy.'


'Comment on this post and go in the draw for a free signed copy.'

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