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Paper Magic by Australian author Jeff Doherty is a novel for young readers about finding courage, facing challenges and overcoming self-doubt. It is about the power of friendship and discovering you don't need magic to be worthwhile.

Marina needs a wheelchair to get around. Her legs might not work but she has clever hands.

Marina spends her days staring out at the park from her bedroom window. The park calls to her. It tugs at a place deep in her chest but the thought of meeting the children who play there sends her into a breathless panic. On the last day of the holidays, before starting at a new school, Nana arrives with a magical gift to change Marina’s life.

When Marina discovers she can breathe life into the origami figures she creates from Nana's magic paper, it gives her the courage to go out and explore the park.

The inspiration for Paper Magic
One day when my son was younger, he came home from school and I watched him scooting around the lounge room on his hands, dragging his legs behind him. It turned out one of his classmates was a young girl with Spina Bifida, a spinal cord disorder. I got to know Sarah during that year and she was one of the most inspirational kids I have ever met. Nothing was too hard for her. She competed at the sports carnivals, tried everything the other kids did and her greatest desire at the time was to get a wheelchair with slanty wheels so she could go fast. I decided back then, I wanted to write a book about a character just like Sarah.

Since 2007 I have been working as a School Learning Support Officer assisting children with special needs to thrive in a mainstream schooling environment. Helping these wonderful children overcome their limitations is such a rewarding job. Each and every one of them is an inspiration to me.

Paper Magic was published by IFWG Publishing Australia

Pub Date:
October 2013
$15.99 (Aust)
Paperback – 98 pages
Kindle, NOOK Books, Kobo Books
Black & white
IFWG Publishing Australia
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Gerry Huntman Ph: 0421 739 061
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Children’s author, Jaquelyn Muller reviewed Paper Magic for BuzzWords; the full interview can be read at

Copies of Paper Magic can be purchased by asking your local bookstore to order in a copy, direct from the publisher’s website   or in most on-line bookstores - links to the sites that offer the best prices can be found at


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