Saturday 4 October 2014

Annabel's Chewy-Gooey Birthday Cake

Title: Annabel’s Chewy Gooey Birthday Cake
Author: Ken Williams
Illustrator: Karen Erasmus
Publisher: JoJo Publishing
Publication date: September 2014
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9780987607799
For ages: 4-7
Type: Picture Book

Annabel simply must have the biggest and best cake for her party.

‘Too plain,’ she cries as Chef Pierre whips up ever more elaborate cakes, until his final cake – a chewy gooey chocolate caramel mudcake with butterscotch syrup, every colour sprinkles, topped with icky-sticky toffee waffles on a cherry fudge sundae, smothered in chocolate mousse and a tower of strawberry glazed doughnuts, showered with marshmallows and dripping with hot chocolate ganache.

The subject of cake and an upcoming birthday should appeal to young readers. As will the energy, rhythm and visual humour of this book. A recipe is included for the budding chef to try a Chef Pierre masterpiece.


What genre do you write in?
I started out writing for adults but now tend to write what I enjoy reading the most. I rediscovered picture books after my ten-year-old son was born and I haven’t looked back. Full of emotion and colour, picture books evoke wonder, stimulate imagination and offer a view of the world that resonates. Nothing else does that for me quite like picture books.

What do you like about writing?
I’ve always liked sharing stories. Particularly funny ones. I love hearing people laugh. Whenever I hear a funny joke, I just have to tell everyone. And it’s the same with stories, if an idea comes into my head, I just have to write it down and tell everyone. I look at writing a lot like joke telling – A beginning, middle and end all leading to a singular goal. But it’s hard work too.

Where can we learn more about you?
Jump on my website at where you’ll see I am a Sagittarius, 6ft 4 with mesmerising blue eyes, striking complexion and unfortunately a compulsive liar (5ft 5 and as ugly as a bucket of nails). No seriously, I am devilishly handsome, though you’d never know it to look at me. It’s an inner beauty. It’s all in there somewhere!
My stories have been published in magazines, newspapers and online publications. This is my first picture book. I hope you enjoy it.

You can purchase the book from bookstores, online at JoJo Publishing, or you’re welcome to drop Ken a line on his website and he’ll organise a personally signed copy.


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