Friday 3 October 2014

Mrs T's Kooky Pants

Mrs T’s Kooky Pants by Jennifer Reid (eTV Publishing) PB RRP $16.95

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Mrs T’s Kooky Pants is a story for 6 to 10 year olds about a fun-loving teacher named Mrs T who develops cancer suddenly. Sadly, Mrs T dies and her students have to go on and learn how to cope with this grief and terrible loss.

Even though Mrs T’s Kooky Pants deals with the pain and fears that come about when having to face cancer and death, the message of this book is hopeful and encouraging still. It is a resource for parents and teachers to use when needing to bring this type of subject out into the open -- a tool to support children in understanding that it is normal to be sad in such situations, but offer strategies to help them move forward.

I want every child who is facing or has faced this situation to read Mrs T’s Kooky Pants and be able to talk about their own story and feelings, to bring it out into the open so that there’s care, support and understanding readily available for them.

I want kids to know that it’s okay to be sad when you’ve lost someone you love, but that it’s also really important to be happy again someday.

Mrs T’s Kooky Pants is endorsed by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), with $1 from every book sold going to breast cancer research.

As a breast cancer survivor, the NBCF’s goal of ‘zero breast cancer deaths by 2030’ gives me hope for the future. If they can find a cure for breast cancer, then surely a cure for all cancers can be found. Just imagine a world without cancer!

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